In the article below, journalist Tom Farragher of “The Boston Globe” speaks about the life of my brother, David S. Horton, whose ashes are scattered in The Prouty Garden at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Currently, the hospital administration threatens to destroy the garden, one of the foremost healing gardens in the nation, in order to make way for an expansion of the hospital.  Friends of the Prouty Garden believe this expansion can and should be done without destroying the garden.

“Before we get to David Horton the patient, let’s talk about David Horton the little boy. Because for those who knew him best and loved him most, that’s who he was.

He was the little kid who loved basketball, spending hours at the outside hoop his dad nailed to a tree, where the boy pretended to be Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, the sharp-shooting New York Knick, the all-star guard he adored.

He was the baby of the family, the kid who went off to Riverside Elementary School in Princeton, N.J., despite chronic pain in his forehead, a medical storm cloud that shadowed him all of his life.

He came home to play kick the can or to watch the old black-and-white Superman series on TV, the one starring George Reeves as the man of steel who was faster than a speeding bullet…”







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